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Payer Landscape

Gardening Tips

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 Helpful Gardening Tips:

Brecksville lawn care

Gardening Tips:

  • After your perennials have finished blooming, reduce their diameter.  Then cut the plant height in half.  Follow-up with a slow release fertilizer. With this heavy cutting, many perenials will rebloom for a second time! 

  • When watering the lawn, sprinkle heavily with less frequency. Put your entire water requirment down  in one or two days. Water in the morning and do not water at night.   Rememeber that lawns can be over watered. Overwatered lawns loose maximum green appearance.  Too often, wishful good intentioned gardeners "kill with kindness!"

  • Did you know that a plant which is continuously wet will die quicker then a plant which is dry. Dry plants can go dormant. Wet plants simply sufficate.  A plant which has been established in the landscape for over a  full year rarely needs watering. Observe the leaves as the best watering indicator. When the leaves turn over or twist, the plant is asking for moisture.  Never water by a "clock" or "calender".  Watering through good observation creates a happy growing enviroment! 

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